Sculpting and Painting Artist


My motivations

The artist’s life is a monastic life. But it is a life of discovery and exploration. In painting and sculpting I am both discovering something about myself, how I perceive and express those perceptions, and something about the individual, what the person in the portrait or the animal represented in the sculpture has revealed to me. I am in the midst of exploring metal as a medium that exists in the boundary between the refined and unrefined, the smooth and the jagged, the colorful and the colorless to create a personality, a story. The animals I sculpt recently have metal exposed while in the painting the metal is often hidden under layers of paint and the visual details. 



I’ve been sculpting for 20 years and am still exploring the possibilities of this unusual sculpting material. Polymer clay always surprises me with its beautiful colors and flexibility in application. 



Painting came into my life 8 years ago like a tsunami. I quickly found a focus—portraiture. Even though painting runs in my family, every time I pick up a brush I find it impossibly challenging and impossibly exciting.